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Recruitment Service

Main Service

경력직원 채용, 임원급 채용, 단기 대체 인력 채용, 신입사원 채용, 채용대행 서비스,평판 조회 및 후보자 이력 검증 서비스

Headhunting Service

The advantages of using a Executive Search Service

  • · Gain competitive advantage over rival companies securing the workforce
  • · Reduce recruitment advertising costs and reduce HR managers’ time and effort
  • · Improve human resource quality
  • · Secure confidentiality and increase the speed of recruitment process

The procedure of Headhunting Service

고객사 추천의뢰 접수, 직무이해 및 분석, 적합한 후보자 선정, 후보자 이력서 제출, 고객사의 후보자 전형, 고객사의 채용자 확정, 입사와 수수료 청구, 사후관리


Reference Check

The reference check is done at the stage of final confirmation of the target candidate and its purpose is to lower the failure rate in hiring personnel.

The Features of Reference Check

  • · Acquire accurate information on human resources
  • · Client information protection
  • · In-depth and rapid service
  • · Consultancy services of areas of expertise

The Contents of Reference Check Service

  • · Job competency
  • · The authenticity of resume information
  • · Personal character
  • · Criminal record and credit information

The Procedure of Reference Check Service

step1 고객사 의뢰 접수, step2 의뢰사항 파악 및 계약 체결, step3 레퍼런스 선정 및 면담, step4 평파놎회서 작성, step5 고개사에 제출 및 종료