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HR Consulting Service

Main Service

조직 진단 및 개발, 경력 개발 프로그램 설계, 성과관리 프로그램 설계, 경력 개발 프로그램 설계

HRM Service

Best HR offers an integrated output, including all areas of the traditional HR consultation, which are the human resources management, organization structure, performance management, organization culture and development, HR hot issues and so on.

  • ① vision, mission, strategy complement and       building,organizational capability diagnosis, etc.
  • ② organizational structure redesign, estimating       the appropriate personnel, establishing method       for organizational efficiency, etc.
  • ③ organizational performance management       system diagnosis and building, performance       management support, etc.
  • ④ organizational culture diagnosis and system       building, program design for organizational       culture, etc.
  • ⑤ GWP(Great Work Place), Teamwork diagnosis       and development, team building, leadership       diagnosis and development, etc.
  • ⑥ EOS (Employee Opinion Survey), HR system       diagnosis, human resource strategy building,       etc.
  • ⑦ establishment of task system, job analysis, job       descriptions building, etc.
  • ⑧ salary surveys, basic and variable salary system       design, etc.
  • ⑨ performance and competency evaluation       system design, etc.
  • ⑩ career development system establishment
  • ⑪ recruitment, promotion, moving / open       recruitment, retirement plan design, etc.
  • ⑫ support team leader in performance       management, low performer management, job       aptitude test, HR Scorecard building, etc.

HRD Service

The education service sector offers HRD consultancy service on planning, such as for establishing competency modeling, education systems, curriculum development and so on. It also offers learning services on operations like curriculum coordinating, consignment operation, outsourcing and so on.


Detailed Service

  • ① Drawing items of competency, developing behavioral       index, etc.
  • ② Career path design, career development process design,       etc.
  • ③ Establishing medium- and long-term plans to cultivate       human resources
  • ④ Establishing training system - CBC, DACUM
  • ⑤ ADDIE Model-based curriculum development, textbook       and lesson plan development, etc.
  • ⑥ Establishing curriculum for buying, customizing, and       building
  • ⑦ Casting and customization of Instructor/ external       programs/ place of education
  • ⑧ Unit process operation outsourcing, evaluation of       educational efficiency
  • ⑨ Establishing an annual education plan-education -       performance evaluation, whole outsourcing